McKinley Hill Church of Christ was established in 1874 in Lena, Indiana and has been known for most of its history as the Lena Church of Christ. In 2000, the congregation took on a God-sized opportunity, and in faith stepped forward to purchase over 60 acres of land, and build a new church facility at the current location. Our hope is to continue becoming more and more focused on making God’s kingdom known in this community. We want to be a place where lives are transformed by the gospel.

Leaders and the Church

At McKinley Hill Church of Christ we seek to offer an environment that encourages growth and development of leaders who want to make a significant difference in the community and in the world.

Formative Practices of Discipleship

We have a few formative practices of discipleship we will stand by as unchanging:

A weekly sharing of the Lord’s Supper Celebration

A weekly sharing in the Word of God

A weekly sharing of communal worship expression to the Lord

Baptism by full immersion under water

Relational discipleship in small groups